Founded in 2008, Taxley’s leadership is known for leading with integrity, thinking outside the box, and always prioritizing the best interests of those we serve. With a history rooted in taxpayer advocacy, initially, Taxley became known as a well respected tax resolution firm, serving taxpayers nationwide and abroad. 

In 2023, Taxley officially transitioned from a 15-year old consulting firm, to becoming the first-ever Enrolled Agent Academy.  With a focus on providing career training and access to apprenticeships in tax law and consulting, we are taking our focus on taxpayer advocacy to a new level by ensuring taxpayers have access to well-trained and highly qualified tax professionals.





A Cincinnati, OH native with over 15-years of experience as a tax consultant, Anisha, a federally licensed Enrolled Agent (EA) and former Deloitte tax consultant, spent most of her career representing taxpayers who were overwhelmed with IRS and state tax problems.

With a belief that Enrolled Agents (EAs) can be instrumental to financial literacy, sustainable entrepreneurship, and legacy building, she knew it was time to transition from the limitations of consulting to the endless possibilities of career training and workforce development.

Having double majored in Marketing and Accounting in undergrad, and later earning a Master’s in Executive Leadership, Anisha has a transformational leadership style that inspires a culture of integrity, accountability, balance, and challenging the status quo. 

In her downtime, Anisha, a “foodie,” enjoys interior decorating, watching sports with her husband, reading, and murder mystery shows.

We believe that strategic education and collaborative training leads to sustainable careers with amazing employers. As a result, aspiring professionals are able to prioritize their personal values and enjoy the freedom most people are really after when they invest in higher education.

We are on a mission to make flexible, lucrative, and meaningful careers more accessible to diverse, talented, and aspiring professionals who are willing to lead with integrity, strive for excellence, and want to show up for themselves in a way that allows them to be impactful in the lives of others.

The CPA isn’t the only way!

Taxley is proving that having a fun, challenging, and lucrative career with employers who value your growth is possible without $100s of thousands in school debt or 5-9 years of your life navigating outdated education requirements.

Taxley Chief Experience Officer, Russ Bailey

Russ Bailey

Chief Experience Officer

A Bowling Green, KY native, who grew up traveling the world with his Air Force family, Russ brings to his CXO role, over 30-years of exemplary civilian service with DoD, at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. He ensures we are providing an exceptional experience for our clients, students, partners, and internal team.

With experience in government, athletics, and program management, he brings enthusiasm, clarity, and a commonsense approach to how we serve.

Reinforcing our values of excellence, integrity, and balance, Russ ensures that Taxley prioritizes equity and social responsibility in our continued dedication to taxpayer advocacy and workforce development.

In his downtime, Russ loves sports, cooking, traveling, and is the co-founder of Sorbailee.

Daniela Hirata

Marketing + Brand Strategist

A native of Mexico, Daniela brings over 11-years of experience in marketing, communication, and brand management working with well-known international companies.

Dani has earned a B.S. in Clinical Psychology and a Master’s, with honors, in Neuromarketing. With a specialty in social media marketing, visual content design, videography, and market research, she leads our marketing team, ensuring we are effectively communicating the Taxley brand with our internal and external stakeholders.

Dani’s team handles all media inquiries and ensures the company, leadership, and our team maximizes awareness and brand-building opportunities that support our mission of service. 

In her downtime, she is an amateur guitarist with a love for music, travel, the outdoors, and her family’s vineyard.

Julieta Amaya

Operations Strategist

A Honduran native with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Magna Cum Laude distinction, Julieta serves as our Operations Strategist – responsible for ensuring that Taxley’s division-based operations are properly structured and producing the results intended.

Attentive to detail, with a focus on excellence, Julieta manages our internal team and registered users to ensure our deliverables are properly structured and utilized.  

When she’s not working, Julieta enjoys reading and expressing her creativity through fashion, which has resulted in magazine and fashion campaign features. 


NAICS Codes: 541611  •  611430 •  611513 •  561312 •  561311
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