Hi I’m Anisha Bailey, EA, CEO of Taxley, established in 2008.  I’d like to welcome you, as my team and I are honored to be of service!

As an Enrolled Agent led firm, we specialize in tax debt and compliance resolution, representing families, entrepreneurs and corporations, nationwide. Our priority is your peace of mind coupled with a sensible solution to resolve your tax problems and help you re-gain financial control.

Whether you are struggling with years of unfiled returns, a pending IRS audit or tax debt ranging from a few thousand to several million dollars, we believe you deserve a fresh start; and we want to help you get it!

Our success has come, in large part, from prioritizing our clients’ best interests, keeping the lines of communication open and honest, and continuing to ensure our clients never feel like “just another number.”

Our optimism is unstoppable and our integrity is uncompromising. We are straight-forward, results-oriented and always strive to deliver exceptional client experiences.

We take our work seriously and value the importance of communication and timeliness; therefore, in the best interest of all we serve, we are careful to limit our clientele to those who share our values. We are here for the long-haul and look forward to being your #1 choice and recommendation when IRS and state tax debt and compliance help is needed.

How We Get Results

Prioritizing Timeliness

When handling tax problems, time is always of the essence. Working with us requires a commitment to meeting deadlines and prioritizing working with us to fix your tax resolution as quickly as possible. 

Eliminating Boundaries

Using our online portal to securely exchange documents and send email, we leverage the power of the internet to serve clients nationwide. Our clients enjoy the benefit of convenience and our attention to their security.

Straight-Forward Fees

We display our fees because we believe in transparency. Getting expert tax resolution help is an investment in your financial security, peace of mind and future goals. Therefore, who you hire and the value they provide matters. 

Call Us: 513.982.2800
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