bridging the gap between

talent and opportunities in tax law and consulting

Taxley provides the best pathway for diverse, talented, and aspiring professionals to launch and grow meaningful tax careers, while working with forward-thinking firms through the time-tested apprenticeship model.

bridging the gap between

talent and opportunities in tax law and consulting

Taxley provides the best pathway for diverse, talented, and aspiring professionals to launch and grow meaningful tax careers, while working with forward-thinking firms through the time-tested apprenticeship model.

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With an integrative study of personal finance, business, accounting, and taxation, Taxley is filling the critical education gap that has plagued the tax industry for decades; while empowering employers seeking to build their own pipeline of trained, skilled, and integrity-centric tax talent.

The beauty of an Enrolled Agent career is its blend of prestige and high professional standards, with its low barrier to entry. The low barrier allows us to cultivate a larger pool of diverse talent, provide value-enhanced education, and present a clear ROI for both employers and apprentices.



supporting Military Spouse CAREERs

The Happenings:
Studies show 20-30% of Military Spouses are unemployed and many more are under employed. Why? They site two main reasons:

  • Frequent Relocation
  • Childcare Cost

Why it Matters:
We live in a time where two incomes matter and military spouses want a career of their own.

With three-generations of service members in our family, we know that empowering military spouses means empowering our troops.

The Solution:
Remote and hybrid-careers that can travel with you. Our

What We’re Doing to Fix It?
With 3 generations of service members in our family,


The Happenings:
Under the leadership of Anisha Bailey, Taxley is in the middle of what could turn out to be the first ever approval for the Enrolled Agent apprentice occupation with the Dept. of Labor. This approval will lead to the first ever registered apprenticeship program for Enrolled Agent careers in tax law and consulting.


Why it Matters:

  • There is no formal education or training for careers in tax law and consulting, which is hurting taxpayers and employers.
  • This approval and registration can open doors for more people to access lucrative and meaningful careers that support workforce development.
  • Supports the efforts to make the Enrolled Agent designation well known, reducing the erroneous assumption  of CPAs and attorneys with tax.

What’s Next:

  • We wait for the final decision from DOL, which looks promising!
  • We continue operating our apprenticeship, voluntarily subjecting ourselves to federal and state standards.


The Happenings:
1. Taxley is in the middle of what could turn out ot be the first ever approval for the Enrolled Agent apprentice occupation with the Dept. of Labor.

2. Taxley is also in the middle of what could be the first ever registered apprenticeship program for Enrolled Agent careers in tax law and consulting.

Why it Matters:
This is a win for taxpayers and employers, as they can rest assured knowing they’ll have access to a pool of trained tax professionals. Career seekers finally have a path to earning while they learn.

What’s Next:
We wait for the final decision, which, at this point looks promising! 



Founded in 2008, Taxley grew to become a successful, nationally known tax resolution firm, representing individuals and businesses who were overwhelmed with IRS and state tax problems. In 2022, we transitioned from consulting to education, with a focus on workforce development and the goal of giving more people access to incredibly impactful Enrolled Agent careers.



In 2008, as a 27-year-old single mom of an 8- and 5-year old, Anisha ended her corporate tax career with Deloitte to launch Taxley. As an Enrolled Agent (EA), she spent most of her career representing taxpayers who were overwhelmed with IRS and state tax problems.

With a belief that EAs can be instrumental to financial literacy, sustainable entrepreneurship, and legacy building, in 2022, Anisha transitioned Taxley from a consulting focus to prioritize education and workforce development.

An innovative challenger of the status quo, Anisha has positioned Taxley as the gold standard for Enrolled Agent career training and apprenticeships, which will ensure more people have access to lucrative, flexible, and meaningful careers in tax law and consulting.


chief experience officer

With over 30-years of exemplar civilian service with DoD, at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Russ joined Taxley in a key leadership role. He ensures we are providing an exceptional experience for our internal team, external partners, and aspiring trainees.

With experience in government, athletics, and program management, he brings enthusiasm, clarity, and a common sense approach to how we serve. 

Reinforcing our values of excellence, integrity, and balance, Russ ensures that Taxley prioritizes equity and social responsibility in our continued dedication to taxpayer advocacy and workforce development.


Filling the critical education gap that's plaguing tax careers, we prepare aspiring tax professionals for in-demand corporate, government, and small business Enrolled Agent (EA) careers in tax law and consulting.


EARN WHILE YOU LEARN! We facilitate structured on-the-job training to sharpen trainee skills, and support employers eager to build a productive team of aspiring Enrolled Agents.


We help reputable tax, accounting, and law firms launch and grow successful tax resolution and litigation support divisions, so they can deepen client relationships, increase profits, and build brand equity.


Taxley is the smart way to hire. Become an Employer Partner Today.



With our 48-week career training and apprenticeship programs in tax law and consulting, Taxley’s workforce development ecosystem is making it possible for aspiring professionals to acquire in-demands skills, earn an elite federal licensure, and gain access to amazing corporate, government, and small business employment opportunities.

Enrolled Agents are known as “accounting’s best kept secret,” which has been true for many decades, but we intend to be instrumental in making the value of the Enrolled Agent designation well known among taxpayers and employers nationwide. 

Our program aims to enhance career opportunities for diverse, talented, and aspiring professionals, while filling the critical education gap that has plagued the tax industry for decades. 

Employers are always seeking to find qualified tax professionals to add to their team and we intend to make it much easier for them to do so.


Taxley Certified Enrolled Agents (TcEA™) have completed a unique and intensive 24 or 48-week career training deeply rooted in the integrative study of personal finance, entrepreneurship, accounting, and tax law.


TcEA™ graduates must pass the rigorous 3-part Enrolled Agent exam, which tests their comprehension and application of tax law in real world scenarios. Issued by the IRS, the EA designation is recognized as the “elite” designation in the tax profession.


With TcEA™ professionals having 1-10+ years of experience and our Taxley Members having at least 3-years of tax experience as an active EA, we ensure our employers are able to recruit top professionals who can and will meet our high professional standards.


TcEA™ professionals and Taxley Members commit our strict code of professionalism and ethics, as set and enforced by Taxley, and as separately set and enforced by the IRS. They risk losing their credentials should they violate these standards.

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Can’t find an answer to your questions, feel free to shoot us a note or schedule a tour with an enrollment advisor.

Created with the belief that we bring more value when we strive to be at our best, The Taxley Academy provides a 48-week career training program in tax law and consulting.

Our program is best suited for creative, analytical, strategic and integrity-centric professionals who are seeking careers that are meaningful, lucrative and flexible.

By providing fundamentally sound higher education in tax law and consulting, we aim to enhance career opportunities for diverse, talented, and aspiring professionals, while filling the critical education gap that has plagued the tax industry for over a century. 

Not at all! 

A huge benefit to having a career in tax law and consulting is that traditional college education is optional. You have the freedom to choose value-add education that specifically prepares you for a career in this field, which makes The Taxley Academy a smart choice.

However, depending on your career goals, like whether or not you aspire to have a corporate or government career, a college degree may be required.

The Taxley Academy was created by a practicing Enrolled Agent who understands the need for aspiring tax professionals, entrepreneurs and business professionals in general, to have a deeper education in tax law.

Creating what she wish existed, Anisha Bailey used her more than 20 years of professional experience to create a career training program that prepares students to help significantly improve the trajectory of financial literacy, successful entrepreneurship and legacy building.

Unlike many other programs, The Taxley Academy doesn’t teach students to simply pass a test, we teach students to have sustainable careers. As a part of this process, we also prepare students to pass the EA exam and earn their professional licensure, which, in aggregate, opens the doors for lucrative, meaningful and flexible careers in this space.

Our goal is to prepare our students to be among the top recruits at the Big 4 accounting firms, the IRS, law firms, non-profits, small businesses or even start their own companies, should that be of interest. 

We encourage are students to think big, which requires a high level of professionalism, intelligence and integrity.

We have 3 terms annually – starting in January, May and September.

Registrations periods:

January Term
Early Bird – September
Standard – November
Ends – December

May Term
Early Bird – January
Standard – March
Ends – April

September Term
Early Bird – May
Standard – July
Ends – August

Be sure to sign up for early-bird and open enrollment periods.

Absolutely! Current Enrolled Agents who are open to learning and continuing to grow are encouraged to register.  This course is about more than passing tests and having designations, it’s about learning your craft and truly being of value.

As you go through the tax law modules you’ll enjoy refreshers and updates, as tax law gives us infinite learning opportunities.

There is!

If you are currently an Enrolled Agent with at least 3-years of actual experience in tax law, personal finance and business, you are welcome to apply to take the 12 or 24-week version of this course at a reduced tuition fee.

If you are not an Enrolled Agent and are looking for training that positions you for a career as a tax assistant, ask us about our Tax Analyst program.

Not automatically.

Throughout the program we prepare students to sit for, and pass, the Enrolled Agent exam. We walk students through the steps to register for and take the exam, but it’ll be up to you to pay the related fees, pass the exam and go through the official application process.

The Enrolled Agent exam is administered by a third-party, over which we have no control.

Using the power of the internet, all training is held 100% online.

Every fall, starting in 2024, we will hold an in-person graduation in the greater Cincinnati, OH area, provided it’s safe to do so. Otherwise, graduation will be held online as well.

Some colleges allow students to reduce course requirements based on previous experience and education.  While we are compiling a list of colleges who will give you credit for taking our program, we encourage you ask to your college advisor if our program qualifies.

We accept payments by wire, certified funds, ACH and credit/debit cards*.

There are many ways to pay: 

  1. Loans – you are welcome to get lending from your bank/credit union or one of our preferred lenders.
  2. Scholarships + Grants – we accept all grants and scholarship we are eligible to receive.
  3. Employer Direct Pay – we will provide a payment authorization form for your employer to sign.
  4. Work Study – work for Taxley and have a portion of your earnings applied to your tuition.
  5. Payment Plan – apply for our payment plan program. Please Note: We do require a downpayment, have a $150/mo. finance fee and will not charge a penalty fee for an early pay off .

*Paying by credit or debit card will require an additional 5% processing fee.

To enroll in this program, you must be 18 or older.

To become an Enrolled Agent, you must also:

  • Have a PTIN (we will walk you through this process after enrollment)
  • Pass the Enrolled Agent exam or work for the IRS in a certain role for at least 5-years
  • Be compliant with your tax filings and payments,
  • Not have criminal background – specifically involving fraud or financial mistrust
  • Pass a background check.

To maintain your EA license, you will be required to complete 72-hours of continuing education every 3-years and remain compliant with Cir. 230 rules. 

Tuition is $24,999 and includes:

  • Access for one person*
  • Welcome Kit
  • 15-months of program access
  • Profile listing for 15-months – accessible by employers
  • Gleim EA exam study materials

Fees not covered*:

  • PTIN registration fee – $35.95, payable directly to the IRS
  • Enrolled Agent Exam fee – $109 per part, payable directly to testing facility
  • Enrolled Agent application fee – $67, payable directly to the IRS
  • Recommended books and other materials
  • Graduation fees – TBA

*If you are an employer or organization seeking to have multiple participants attend our training, contact us for special pricing.

**Pricing provided is subject to change.

Absolutely! Whether you’re a military spouse or a “trailing” spouse, we know having to change jobs and careers can be difficult. As a federally licensed tax consultant, your career can travel with you – from state to state and even abroad.


This is an accelerated program, designed for working adults who are ready to move to the next level in their career – sooner rather than later.

Our student come from diverse backgrounds and have difference learning styles and experience levels. We encourage the average student to plan to spend at least 15-20 hours per week in this program. 

We offer asynchronous learning, that blends on-demand training with weekly live lessons and Q&A sessions with instructors.  Attending live sessions are optional, but highly encouraged.

You’ll also have the opportunity to collaborate with your cohort and build strong bonds in this learning environment.

Plenty – from entry level to management roles!

Let’s start with a few tax careers:

  • Tax Consultant
  • Tax Planner
  • Tax Analyst
  • Tax Researcher
  • Tax Lobbyist
  • Tax Resolution Specialist
  • Tax Attorney
  • Tax Preparer
  • Tax Paralegal
  • Tax Accountant
  • IRS employee
  • Tax Expert Witness 

Now a few non-tax careers:

  • Business Coach/Consultant
  • Estate Planner
  • Financial Advisor
  • Entrepreneur
  • Payroll Specialist
  • Bankruptcy Attorney
  • Financial Management Consultant
  • Forensic Accountant

You can start your own business or work for:

  • Large corporate firms
  • Non-profits
  • Small businesses
  • Federal, state, local and government

**Remote, In-office and Hybrid job opportunities are available.

Absolutely! Your graduation is dependent upon your completion our 7-module program. While we strongly encourage you to get your EA, it’s not a requirement for graduation.

Please Note: If you are working on getting your EA license, you will have unlimited access to your Gleim study materials and their updates until you pass all 3-parts of the exam!

We work to build strategic relationships with employers, as our goal is to ensure our students are among the top recruits in corporate, government, non-profit and small business.

We provide students with a profile listing, which allows our employer partners to recruit eligible students and alumni.

Through we provide tax resolution and litigation service and taxpayer access to Taxley Academy alumni who specialize in tax planning and preparation services.

We encourage students and alumni to apply for Taxley’s independent contractor and preferred provider opportunities.

Depending on how you’d like to work with us, we provide member, we support our entrepreneurial alumni, who s of this platform with access to:

  • Taxley tool kit, which includes practice management software, pricing guides, service guidelines, terms of service, and more – essentially a business in a box!
  • Tax analyst support
  • Professional profile page
  • Access to training and updates
  • Collaborative community
  • Client dispute mediation
  • Marketing support
  • Much more!

While we do allow for continued access for an additional fee, we strongly encourage you to save time and money by taking the program when you can dedicate at least 20-hours per week for 48-weeks.

Yes! We have a 14-day love it guarantee.  If you’ve done the work for the entire 14-days and realize this program isn’t for you then we will discontinue access and issue you a refund, less an administrative and materials charge.

Please know the decision to cancel and issue a refund is fully explained to every student in our terms, which is accessible prior to completing enrollment.

Generally speaking, the tuition can be a fully tax deductible business expense.

However, this largely depends on your specific circumstances, which you will want to discuss with your tax preparer.

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