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Are you looking for a straight forward, no nonsense approach to resolving your tax debt and filing problems?  Are you looking for help that is fast, effective and has your best interest in mind?  Well, that’s us and we would love to help you!

All-Inclusive Tax Resolution – It’s That Simple

Instead of spending our time nickle and diming you for each service, we thought our time would be better spent focusing on getting you the best resolution in a timely fashion.  No matter what your needs are, all of our services are available to you for one low monthly fee.

Prior to the start of all tax resolution work, we will contact the IRS to gather an in-depth understanding of your tax compliance issues, work to place a collection hold on your account and determine all that is needed to resolve your tax issue and get you on the right track.  Once this compliance check is complete, we will discuss with you, in detail, our recommendations for a time and effective resolution.

Has it been a while since you filed your tax returns?  No problem, we will help you with your unfiled tax returns, to get you in full compliance.  Using the information we gather from you and the IRS, we will prepare your personal tax returns accurately.  The IRS only requires that you have filed your last 6 years of returns, but in some cases, and when possible, it is in your best interest to have older years prepared.  We will gather all of the information necessary to determine what tax years are our standing and prepare those that require our attention.  Please Note:  We do not file city returns.

Is your business behind on filing its returns (e.g. 1120, 1120s, 1065, etc)?  We will help you with your unfiled tax returns, to get your business in full compliance.  Using the information we gather from you and the IRS, we will prepare your business’ federal tax returns accurately.  For compliance purposes, generally the IRS only requires that you have filed your last 6 years of returns, but in some cases, and when possible, it is in your best interest to also have older years prepared.  We will gather all of the information necessary to determine what tax years are our standing and prepare those that require our attention.  Please Note:  We do not file city returns.

Dealing with the IRS, or state tax authorities, can be scary and unnerving.  Upon commencement of services we will formally represent you (and your business, if applicable) via Power of Attorney to stop the IRS from contacting you directly.  From that point forward we will work with the IRS directly to resolve your case – you will not have to worry about speaking with the IRS as long as we are representing you.

Dealing with the state tax authorities can be scary, as some states have more aggressive tax collection practices than the IRS.  Each state handles tax problem resolution differently. If you have a state tax problem we will formally represent you (and your business, if applicable) via Power of Attorney to determine the best resolution based on applicable state laws and regulations.  Where applicable we will work with the state to help you set up an agreeable payment plan, or resolution, that is inline with their state mandates and collection practices.

Many times tax problems arise because you simply “didn’t know what you didn’t know”, so we try to remedy that by giving you insight on how to steer clear of future tax mistakes.  From teaching about estimated tax payments to giving you advise on restructuring your business for increased tax savings, if we see an area in which we can help you improve, we will be sure to tell you!

Owing back taxes can subject you to liens, levies, wages and bank garnishments, and even property seizures, which can cause major financial problems.  Whether we help you establish an affordable payment plan, request an Offer In Compromise, have your account placed in a non-collectible status or resolve your case any other way, our goal is protect your assets despite your ability to repay your tax debt, while providing the proper guidance to help you avoid future tax debt problems.

While an Offer in Compromise (OIC) is not a realistic resolution for everyone, it most certainly is a great opportunity at a fresh start for those who qualify.  As we work to resolve your case and determine the best asset protection plan for you, we will consider whether or not the OIC is the best and most realistic resolution option for you.  You may have seen many ads promising that they will help you pay just a small percentage of what you owe the IRS – dismiss it, it’s false advertising.  A more thorough examination of your situation must be completed before anyone can suggest an OIC.  Do not work with a company who is willing to mislead you just to get your business.

The federal currently not collectible (CNC) status is great for people who simply can’t afford to pay their back taxes at this point in life.  When in this status the IRS will file tax liens, but they will not levy wages or bank accounts.  There are laws in place to protect you from IRS collections when you cannot afford to pay your back taxes, and we will see to it that those laws are applied to you as needed. Although at is a temporary solution, in some cases, it is a great resolution strategy for those who really don’t have the money to pay the IRS and could use some time to get their finances in order to possibly pay towards their tax debt in the future.  The IRS has up to ten (10) years to collect back taxes, so if you happen to remain in the CNC status until their collection period expires, you may never have to pay towards your tax debt.

Whether your are the company’s only employee or you have/had a small staff, if you have past due federal and state payroll tax withholding filing requirements, we will help you get your filing up to date.  *Please note: We do not provide on-going payroll filing services, worker’s compensation and state unemployment filings or city returns.

Wage garnishments and bank levies are no laughing matter, as they have a direct impact on your quality of life.  We will work with you and the IRS to get these garnishments released right away.  If there are outstanding compliance issues that prohibit us from getting an immediate release, we will work you and the tax authorities to get you into compliance so we can get your levy released as soon as humanly possible.

Liens can damage your credit and hinder your ability to buy and sell assets, but this does not have to be the case.  Whether your tax debt has been satisfied in full, you are on a eligible payment plan or you need a partial release to sell assets or obtain a loan, we will work with you, the IRS and/or the state tax authorities to complete the necessary paperwork to request the removal all applicable liens.

Penalty abatements are one of the few ways to reduce your tax debt without spending your hard earned cash.  We will review your tax account to determine which penalty abatement policies apply to your situation and we will work with the IRS and state to remove all applicable penalties and related interest to make repaying your tax debt more manageable.

Did you file jointly with your spouse only to learn later that they purposefully did not properly report income and deductions?  Then you may qualify for Innocent Spouse Relief.  Your case will hinge on gathering the right facts, structuring them into a valid case, and presenting evidence to prove your position on the matter, something better done with the help of competent and experienced professional.  Filing a joint tax return automatically makes both of you equally liable for the tax debt, even if you are now divorced and divorce courts required that your spouse pay the tax bill, the IRS will still hold you both equally liable.  If your spouse did something improper with the tax filing that led to the tax debt that the IRS is now trying to collect from you, you will need to specifically request that the IRS grant you Innocent Spouse Relief.

To avoid business payroll tax debt being assessed to you personally, we will negotiate a payment plan with the IRS that allows them to only collect the outstanding debt from your business, protecting your personal assets from IRS collection action.

Easy, No Hassle Flat-Rate Pricing Puts You in Control

Now you can stop over-paying for tax problem resolution help.  Our flat-rate payment plans are designed for the serious taxpayer who is looking for a timely resolution, as our payment plans put you in charge of how much you will pay for tax debt and IRS audit help. 

*Please note: The above explanations are general in nature, therefore we will work with you to assess the best plan for your needs.

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Hi, I’m Anisha Bailey, EA!

I know how it feels to have the IRS down your back and feeling as if you don’t know where to turn.  Since 2008 I’ve worked with hundreds of families and business owners who were in situations similar to yours.  As an Enrolled Agent, it is my mission to provide superior representation and ensure that you are being treated fairly under the law, as we work together to resolve your federal and state tax problems.

At this point the goal is simple – restoring your peace of mind and financial stability. My team and I will work to get you caught up on any outstanding tax filings, while determining, negotiating and implementing the best resolution strategy available to you.

If you are serious about making it a priority to put your tax problems behind you, we will be happy to represent you through this process. Call 866-369-6629 or email us for a free consultation.  Talk soon!

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Here’s what some of our clients had to say…

Anisha has been fantastic throughout this whole situation, she is so knowledgeable about what she does, always polite, friendly and returns e-mails and phone calls promptly. She sure made a tough situation much easier than expected. I would definitely recommend Anisha to anyone that needs help with their tax situations.

Eric E.

Anisha is wonderful!! I’m glad I worked with her this tax season. She was very knowledgeable, personable, and prompt. Before we were done working together, I had already referred two other people to her!!

Andrea Uchegbu

First let me say the Anisha has been a God send to me. I can’t express enough in this tiny space how competent and professional and reliable and efficient this young woman has been. She broke things down to me to where I could completely understand what needed to be done and how it was going to be done and taken care of by her expertise in this situation. She always got back to me with emails and phone calls in a timely manner to make you feel like you’re the only one that she was helping out but I can see that there’s been more. She was born for this job you should feel honored to have her on your team!

Kim J.

Anisha went well above and beyond to research all factors of our return to ensure that we were completely correct with our return. Our tax returns are very complicated with handling overseas paychecks, home ownership, retirement income and state tax requirements. We have spoken with our co-workers and friends and very highly recommend Anisha to everyone. She becomes personally involved in ensuring that you are satisfied with her services and always offers sound advice on how to better prepare for the future of taxes and savings. Thank you Anisha!!

David & Cynthia Fowler

I am so glad that I had Anisha help me remedy my tax situation. I had been avoiding the problem because I had no idea where to begin, and frankly the thought of dealing with the IRS was intimidating to me. Anisha patiently walked me through the process, explaining every step along the way. She effectively communicated a complex situation in a way that I could understand. She kept me apprised of the progress and made sure that all of the deadlines were met. The situation was resolved and I now have the peace of mind that it is behind me. I would recommend her service to anyone needing tax assistance or coaching.

Shawn Foley

I give Anisha an A+ for her work on getting my taxes together. She is knowledgeable, extremely bright and kept her word. When I started with Anisha, my taxes were in disarray she put me on the path to compliance. I highly recommend Anisha for any tax problems you may have.

Albert M.

Like so many people I fell into the cycle of falling behind on filing taxes because of scare tactics from the IRS – levying my bank account and liens on property because of mistakes made on my behalf by an AS SEEN ON TV tax relief companies… I can say without a doubt the communication, understanding, and representation of my tax issues from Ms. Bailey has made it a lot easier for me to sleep at night. After many years of filing taxes I am really able to understand the who, what, why, when and where’s of my tax preparation because it was explained in language I understand and line by line… I can say I got what I paid for and I’m happy with the service provided. Job well done Anisha!

Edward S.

I love working with Anisha. She is competent, understandable and personable. Her attention to detail is impeccable. I highly recommend her service, as she has been such an asset to my business and valuable to me personally!

Wendy C.

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