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Taxley: Where Resolving Your Tax Problem is Our Top Priority

Since 2008 we have helped many entrepreneurs and corporations resolve their federal and state tax problems, and we will fight just as hard and work just as smart to help you resolve your tax problems too!

Hello!  I’m Anisha Bailey, Enrolled Agent and founder of Taxley.  Every year my team and I work with hundreds of entrepreneurs and corporations looking for help to resolve their federal and state tax problems.

Tax problem resolution is a highly specialized area of tax law that requires a specific skill set and professional focus.  As an Enrolled Agent, I am federally licensed to represent individuals, entrepreneurs, corporations and associations nationwide on all levels of the IRS.

Whether you owe back taxes, have years of unfiled or incorrectly filed returns, or your are being financially devastated due to a tax lien or levy, my team and I have the knowledge, experience and focus to provide a thorough and timely resolution.

I know the importance of keeping your personal and business assets protected, therefore we take a straight-forward, no-nonsense approach to resolving your tax problems quickly and accurately so you can put this matter behind you.

Based in Centerville, Ohio, we serve clients nationwide and abroad.

Time is of the essence when dealing with the IRS and state tax authorities, so we highly recommend giving us a call at 937-829-4556 to get the ball rolling today.

Tax Problem Resolution Services

At Taxley, we are all about making it easier for you to focus on what truly matters most: Your family. Your business. Your success. 

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