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Past Due & Amended Tax Preparation

Has it been years since you’ve filed your tax return?  Scared of what may happen if you start filing and getting caught up now? Looking for help amending already filed returns or audited returns?  We can help! From professionals to sole proprietors to corporations, join all of the happy families and entrepreneurs who have trusted us to get them into compliance with the IRS and state.

**Please Note:  We ONLY file past due and amended returns, however we will file current year tax returns as a part of your tax resolution strategy.

Using the information we gather from you and the IRS, we will prepare your personal, business and/or payroll tax returns accurately. The IRS only requires that you have filed your last 6 years of returns, but in some cases, and when possible, it is in your best interest to have older years prepared. We will gather all of the information necessary to determine what tax years are outstanding and prepare those that require our attention.

Available year-round, our tax preparation includes PAST DUE:

  • Personal taxes (1040s and 1041)
  • Business taxes (1120 and 1120S)
  • Payroll taxes
  • Foreign Financial Disclosures
  • State taxes

Past Due Tax Preparation Services

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