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Got a letter from the IRS, but you are not sure what it’s for, how much you really owe, the last time you filed or what you need to do to get into compliance?

Don’t allow radio ads and scary letters in the mail intimidate you into making quick and costly decisions that can ultimately make matters worse.  Now’s the time to take back control, get clarity and make decision based on the facts.

With our Tax Account Investigation service, we help to eliminate fear and confusion by helping you understand the facts behind your tax problems and how best to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

Our 3-step process is typically completed within 5-10 days. Upon conclusion of your tax account investigation service, you can choose to allow us to provide our all-inclusive tax resolution services, or resolve the tax matter on your own.

3-Step Tax Investigation Process


Contact the IRS and state to determine the nature of your tax compliance issue(s) from their perspective.


Determine the best resolution strategy based our findings and your circumstances.


Share with you our findings and recommendations for resolving the tax matter, and discuss next steps.

Client Highlights

Choose Your Tax Account Investigation

Fees below can be applied toward our all-inclusive tax resolution services should you choose to move forward with us after your tax account investigation review.

Personal Tax Investigation

Designed to meet the needs of individuals and married couples who file joint returns, and are not independent contractors, entrepreneurs or landlords.

Pro Tax

Designed to meet the needs of individuals and married couples who file joint returns, and are independent contractors, entrepreneurs or landlords who file a Schedule C, E or F.

Enterprise Tax Investigation

Designed to meet the needs of individuals and married couples who file joint returns, and own a business entity, e.g. LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp or Partnership, with business income, sales and/or payroll-related tax problems.

*Please Note: Tax account investigations do not include our full service tax representation, as detailed in our terms of service. For full representation services CLICK HERE to learn more and get started.


Get answers to our most commonly asked questions.

Tax account investigations are a great way to gain a clear understanding of your federal and state tax compliance problems and account status. Through this process, we conduct a deep-dive investigation with the IRS and state to determine and gather information on the following:

  • Outstanding tax balances
  • Compliance delinquencies
  • Pending and active liens and levies
  • Tax Transcripts
  • And more…

With so much fear, confusion and misinformation in the air about how best to handle your tax problems, our goal is to give you the clarity you need to make smart, sensible decisions going forward.  If we find that you have outstanding tax problems, we will be happy to help through our All-inclusive Taxley Defense service.

The tax account investigation service does not include tax resolution services, as listed HERE.

A step up from our free consultation, this service focuses on helping you understand your current federal and state tax problems, and provides you with an overview of how best to resolve the matter.

CLICK HERE for our all-inclusive tax resolution services, which includes a tax account investigation. 

If you are married and file tax returns separately from your spouse, each of you will be required to have your own separate tax investigation service.

We charge an additional fee for each EIN you need us to investigate – CONTACT US for a price quote.

Yes! We will give you a coupon code in the amount of the fee paid for your investigation.

This code will be used to reduce your all-inclusive tax resolution. To get this coupon, you must register for resolution services within 30-days of registering for our Tax Account Investigation.

Generally speaking, the Pro and Enterprise level services can be deducted as a business expense, at least in part. We can discuss this further as we work with you and become more familiar with your specific situation.

Yes, all members receive a 10% discount on all tax account investigation and all-inclusive Taxley defense packages.

Members must be logged into their portal see and receive discounted pricing.

Please Note: Discounts do not apply to add-on services, monthly fees or renewals.

Because we begin services immediately, all fees are considered earned in full upon receipt; therefore, we do not provide refunds.

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