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IRS and State Tax Debt Relief

Taxley provides a wide range of tax problem resolution services to entrepreneurs and corporations. We understand that starting, running and growing a business is an awesome, challenging and highly rewarding experience in so many ways.  But when you get behind on your personal, business or payroll taxes the tax authorities can start to make entrepreneurship feel like a burden.

Our solutions-based approach to tax problem resolution will give you the peace of mind you need to focus on those things that matter most – family, business and success.

Owing back taxes can cause a lot of financial problems, ruining your ability to maintain the life style that you are used to or are striving for, but you don’t have to let your tax problems control your life!

Because tax debt resolution is often a multi-pronged solution-based service, we provide a whole host of services, starting with a Tax Help Analysis.

More than a simple consultation, our tax help analysis is a great way to find out exactly how serious your tax problems are, where you stand with the IRS and state, and what your resolution options are. We will contact the IRS and your resident state for you, preventing you from needing to speak with them. Hiring a tax professional to gather information is the best first step to putting you in control of fixing your tax problems.

Our Process:

  • We will obtain your account transcripts, wage & income transcripts, and return transcripts for all relevant years available. To obtain this we will ask you to sign either Form 8821, Tax Information Authorization; Form 2848, Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative; and/or state declaration of tax representative. We will submit the signed form(s) to the federal and/or state tax authorities.)
  • We will review your total tax balance for all periods, your missing tax returns, and any correspondence you have received from the IRS and State.
  • We will look for any opportunities to request penalty abatements.
  • We will confirm the Collection Statute End Date (IRS Statute of Limitations on collections) for each balance owed.
  • We will review any federal tax liens and tax levies.
  • We will provide you with copies of all documentation obtained and information gathered.
  • We will provide a full financial review to determine all possible options for resolution.
  • You can choose to hire us to resolve your tax problems, or you can use our recommendations to resolve the problem on your own. Either way, you have no obligation to hire us to resolve your tax problems once the analysis is complete.

Tax Debt Resolution Services

We are focused to ensuring your tax problem is completely resolved so you can have true peace of mind. Below you will find a listing of our all inclusive tax debt resolution services available to you.

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