Tax Debt Relief

Imagine, coming home from work, checking the mailbox and finding a letter from the IRS that confirms your tax debt problem has finally been resolved.

Just think of how relieved you would feel to know the IRS will no longer garnish your wages or bank account, and that they are removing your lien.

Picture what it would look like to have the cash flow to expand your business or take a vacation abroad without worrying about your passport being rejected because of your tax problems.

These are the results our clients have enjoyed for over a decade!

Every day we work with families and businesses overwhelmed with years of unfiled returns, mounting tax debt, and financially devastating liens and levies. You deserve a fresh start and we want to help you get it!

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A+ Rated Accredited Business | Taxley

Top notch service. I had a few tax issues and Taxley handled them all promptly, professionally, and to a successful completion. If I have any tax needs in the future I will be…

Jason O. - Philadelphia, PA

Thank you Anisha for your great service, dedication, and your diligence. I am satisfied, relieved, and grateful for taking care of years of on going problems with the IRS…

Khaled A. - Houston, TX

Anisha is great! She is very knowledgeable, prompt, and friendly. Working with her made tax preparation go smoothly. It was also very convenient to do most…

Joshua and Latisha H. - Dayton, OH

Anisha is wonderful!! I’m glad I worked with her this tax season. She was very knowledgeable, personable, and prompt. Before we were done working together…

Andrea U. - Atlanta, GA

I give Anisha an A+ for her work on getting my taxes together. She is knowledgeable, extremely bright and kept her word. When I started with Anisha, my taxes were…

Albert M. - Dayton, OH
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Jump Start Your Tax Resolution
with our Tax Account Investigation

The Tax Account Investigation is the first and most important step on your tax resolution journey. This 3-part process allows us to help you make decisions based on facts and not fear.

We will contact the federal and state tax authorities to conduct a deep-dive investigation into your tax accounts.

Using relevant tax law, we will strategize the BEST personalized resolution that will align with your goals.

We will present you with the facts of our investigation and proposed strategy for a clear way forward to your tax resolution.

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