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Every day we work with families and business owners who are overwhelmed with mounting IRS and state tax debt, and pending tax audit problems, so we understand your fear and frustration. 

Some situations require professional representation, and others simply require professional guidance and reassurance. 

Because taxes are an inevitable part of our lives and the IRS is a huge source of fear for so many, we equip taxpayers with a unique Protection Plan focused on giving you an affordable solution for the on-going support that helps you get and stay out of tax trouble. 

See, most tax, financial and business problems can be avoided, when the right people have your back!  Whether you need help navigating a current tax problem, or you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing we are here for you, becoming a Taxley Protection Plan member is the smart next step.

Client Highlights

protection plans include:

audit protection

Access our live tax audit assistance workshops, plus get up to 7-hours of audit representation from an experienced Enrolled Agent.


Got an IRS/state tax notice? Let us know, we’ll make sense of it for you and provide next steps. If we receive the IRS notice first, we will notify you to recommend the best way to address it.

Tax Debt assistance

Owe back taxes? Join us for our live workshops focused on helping you fix your tax debt problem. Hiring a pro? We’ll teach you how to choose wisely.

Estimated TAx analysis

Get help calculating accurate payroll withholding and estimated tax payments to reduce your tax bill, avoid new tax debt or increase your monthly income when avoiding high tax refunds.

huge savings

Need 1-on-1 tax resolution help from an experienced Enrolled Agent? All members enjoy 15% off of our tax account investigation and Taxley defense services.

IRS ID theft Assistance

Victim of ID theft? Our team will help you complete and submit the paperwork needed to report ID theft to the IRS, so you can file your returns and obtain a secure PIN to avoid future ID theft issues.


Best for current and aspiring:
Employees | Retirees
One-time Fee $249, then


Best for current and aspiring:
Freelancers | Landlords | Investors
One-time Fee $449, then


Best for current and aspiring:
Employers | Partnerships | Corporations
One-time Fee $649, then

How It Works


Sign Up

Choose your protection plan level and select “Register Here”.


Immediately after registration, complete the onboarding form. Instructions will also be in your email (check your spam).


Log in to start using your protection plan benefits.


Get answers to our most frequently asked questions.

CLICK HERE for plan details.

All protection benefits are provided by Taxley and you must be logged into your account to receive access.

The Taxley Protection Plans are best suited for employees and small to mid-sized business owners.

Personal Plan:

Designed to meet the needs of individuals and married couples who file joint returns, who are NOT independent contractors, entrepreneurs or landlords.

All benefits are strictly related to personal tax matters.


Pro Plan:

Designed to meet the needs of individuals, and married couples who file joint returns, who ARE, or plan to become, investors, independent contractors, entrepreneurs or landlords; file a Sch. C or E and have no employees.

All protection benefits are related to your personal tax account and the business(es) and/or rental property(ies) you own.


Enterprise Plan:

Designed to meet the needs of individuals and married couples who file joint returns, and own a business entity (e.g. LLC, Corporation, Partnership) with sales tax and/or payroll-related tax requirements.

All protection benefits are related to your personal tax account and the business(es) and/or rental property(ies) you own.

Plans cannot be transferred.

As a plan participant, you’ll have unlimited access to our web-based live and on-demand tax debt and audit assistance workshops, which are focused on helping you navigate your tax problems.  

You will be able to submit a support ticket with your tax debt or audit notice in order to request access to the workshops and support services.

If you have multiple businesses contact us for a quote.

If both of you would like to access our protection plan, each of you will be required to have your own separate plan.  Each member can choose their plan.

If you have a Pro plan to cover you (and your spouse if you all file jointly) and your business EIN.  Then your partner may only need the Personal plan.


We have a 7-day refund policy. If no membership services have been used, you will receive a full refund less 25% of the one-time fee.


You are welcome to cancel at any time. You will continue to have access to your member benefits though the end of your billing period. If you cancel during the 7-day refund period, your membership access will terminate immediately.

Please note: When reinstating a canceled membership, the one-time set up fee will be required again.

Generally speaking, the Pro and Enterprise plans can be deducted as a business expense, at least in part.

However, this largely depends on your specific circumstances, which you will want to discuss with your tax preparer.

Take the Next Step

We take our work seriously and value the importance of communication and timeliness; therefore, in the best interest of all we serve, we are careful to limit our clientele to those who share those same values.

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Get Year-Round Protection

With the IRS ramping up its audits and collections, eyeing everyday workers and small businesses, now is the time to ensure you stay protected and informed.
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