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Centsable Finance™ Course

Congrats! You being here shows that you are ready to think outside the box, take control over your finances and start a journey that will prepare you to reach your most important goals.

Too often, many of us don’t have access to practical solutions to money management strategies that support better budgeting, debt elimination and a new outlook on money management… until now!

Centsable Finance™ was created to help you learn new, legacy-building ways to enhance your financial management skills and create your detailed financial plan.

Delivered 100% online, this 4-week course is designed for individuals and couples who are ready to take control over their finances and learn financial skillsets worth teaching your children… and their children.

Ready to get out of debt? Ready to budget better? Tired of owing the IRS every year? Ready to learn investment strategies that don’t involve a 401k?  If you answered “yes,” this program will be a perfect solution!

100% Online

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Course Duration

Starts July 12th

Register June 21 – July 2nd

Love It Guarantee

3-Day Refund Policy
Here’s an overview of what we will cover in this intensive 4-week training.

Goal Setting

From setting your financial standards to mapping your vision, you’ll learn how to create a roadmap based on your goals and values for a clear and smart path toward a better financial future.

Income Theory

Learn about the various ways in which you can earn money or build upon your current income source, as you discover our theory about income ceilings and rooftop income.

Credit + Debt Managment

Discover the power of, and essential strategies for, debt elimination as you learn the components of good credit, how to analyze your credit report and how to maximize your borrowing power.

Tax + Financial Analysis

Learn how to adjust your payroll withholding to avoid tax balances and large refunds, as you learn to analyze your spending habits and begin to make adjustments based on your goals and values.

The Five Investments

Investing is not just about 401ks and the stock market. Discover five simple, yet powerful investment strategies that can save you more in taxes and have a better return on your investment.

The Financial Plan

Pull it all together and build an actionable financial plan focused on your goals and the lessons learned in this program, with the flexibility to make adjustments as inevitable life changes occur.
Group training is great for those who are comfortable learning in an online environment with instructor guidance engrained into this experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Centsable Finance™ course is designed for individuals and couples who are ready to take control over their financial future. 

The most thorough, think-big solution to financial management is finally here, as we help you turn simple concepts into sustainable financial freedom. 

This course is for individuals who want more than the status quo and couples who want to turn their union into a building block for generational wealth.

Come with an open mind, eager to learn and implement strategies and practices that will allow you to reach your personal and professional goals.

Yes! We have a 3-day Love It Guarantee.

If you decide to cancel this program before 12am EST on the Thursday of Week 1 of the program, we will consider your refund request.

To get a refund, you must show that you did all the work given during the 1st three days of Week 1.  If you qualify for a refund, your refund will be reduced by our $299 administrative fee.

Be sure to only take this course if you are ready to implement in a change in your financial future, as our deadlines, as laid our for all who register, are firm.

While there are no prerequisites, we highly suggest this course to be taken if you are self-motivated, are ready for a financial change, have an open mind and a collaborative spirit.

The key to financial freedom is just about getting out of debt and investing in 401Ks; it’s about understanding your true goals and aligning your financial actions to meet those goals.

Created by an award-winning, licensed tax professional, who has spent the majority of her career fixing tax and financial problems for families and entrepreneurs, Anisha Bailey designed this program to help you establish the financial awareness that serves as the foundation of generational wealth.

We love working with people, turning ideas into successful realities, and helping our clients and students push through inevitable obstacles to reach their financial finish line.

Our program is fast-paced, intensive and designed for working professionals.

You will learn a ton in these 4-weeks, therefore we recommend preparing to dedicate at least 6 hours per week to this program. This will allow you to absorb the lessons, complete the projects and collaborate with your significant other.

You’ll have a total of 4-weeks of access to training.

For unlimited access and additional benefits, you’ll want to sign up for our Taxley Membership, which starts at $59/mo.

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