the place to go

When you need a tax pro

With a reach that extends nationwide, and to U.S. Expats and military spouses abroad, Taxley recruits, screens, educates, and places tax talent in companies at a 30% cost savings over traditional recruiting services.

the place to go

When you need a tax pro

With a reach that extends nationwide, and to U.S. Expats and military spouses abroad, Taxley recruits, screens, educates, and places tax talent in companies at a 30% cost savings over traditional recruiting services.



We’re giving employers access to a larger pool of diverse, talented, and aspiring  tax professionals who are ready to be an asset in your firm.


ABOUT how you build your tax team

Known as "accounting's best kept secret," Enrolled Agents are regarded as "elite" by the IRS, having earned the highest licensure the federal government bestows on tax professionals. Now's the time for employers to shift their focus from CPA to Enrolled Agent when building their tax teams."

1 %
Employee Retention

Percentage of apprentices who retain employment after apprenticeship completion per Dept. of Labor.

$ 1 k
Tuition Reimbursement Savings
Based on 2022-2023 cost of MAcc education at The Ohio State + CPA prep.
$ 1 B
Dollar Tax Industry
Tax services make up the largest revenue generating segment within the accounting industry.
1 %
of CPA Exam Covers Tax Law

The CPA designation indicates competency in audit and financial accounting, not tax.

1 %
of EA Exam Covers Tax Law

Enrolled Agents are regarded as “elite,” and must demonstrate and maintain their competency in tax law.



Unlike interns or hiring entry level talent, our apprentices come pre-screened, backed by an elite education in tax law and consulting, and supported by our mentorship, as they navigate structured on-the-job training.  Just as we screen our trainees prior to apprenticeship placement, we screen our employer firms to ensure we are placing our apprentices with reputable firms who share our values.


Qualified Candidates

Much like an employment placement firm, we recruit, screen, and interview all candidates with the goal of simplifying your recruiting and retention efforts.

Elite Education

Apprentice are required to complete our 48-week career training education focused on an integrative study in personal finance, business, accounting, and tax law.

Prestigious Credentials

Upon completion of our education program, trainees will have earned their Enrolled Agent license, enhancing brand equity and your strategic advantage.

Structured Training Goals

To maximize the productivity of your apprentice, we'll help you design on-the-job training goals focused on meeting your employee development and profit goals.

Trainee Mentorship

Supporting your on-the-job training efforts, we act as mentors to our trainees and provide feedback focused on enhancing their value within your firm.

Managed for You

We remove the burden of successful apprenticeship administration, so you can focus on building your team and increasing your profitability.

Apprentice Process

We aim to make it easier for our employers and apprentices to achieve long-term growth.

Step 1


We interview and pre-screen all apprentices before enrollment.

Step 2

You hire

We'll introduce you to the best candidates, from which to hire.

Step 3

We Teach

We provide the 48-week career training education in tax law and consulting.

Step 4

You Train

You'll provide at least 2,000 hours of on-the-job training to enhance skillsets.

Step 5

We Mentor

We mentor apprentices to support your on-the-job training.

Step 6

you retain

Maintain the employee relationship after the apprenticeship has ended.



Our trainees, and the future of the tax industry, benefit most through Taxley’s collaboration with employers who prioritize diversity, equity, professional growth, integrity, and balance. By relying on our expertise and our simplified approach to recruiting and retention, our employer partners have a unique opportunity to build sustainable employee relationships with coachable, top tier talent they can mold through on-the-job training.


Priority Access to Apprentices

We prioritize the hiring needs of our employer partners, featuring your career openings with trainees and alumni above non-Employer partners openings.

Free Job Postings

Our partners save big when posting job openings with us at no additional charge.

Employee Benefit

Add Taxley to your list of employee benefits, saving employees $2,500 off career training tuition for themselves and immediate family members.

Regional + National Recruiting

Free up recruiting resources, as our team attends high school and college careers fairs, and hosts online and in-person events to share your career opportunities.

0% Recruiting Fees

Employer partners save 30% off normal recruiting fees for apprentice placements.

Apprenticeship Administration

We'll handle all government mandated apprenticeship administration. Employer partners get 50% off our administration fees.

Mastermind Meetings

Quarterly employer partner masterminds are designed to exchange ideas and give feedback, with the goal of helping us help you increasing apprentice productivity.

Employer Alliance Summit

Exclusive invitation to our annual Employer Alliance Summit, designed to recognized our outstanding employer partners and award partner excellence.

registration PROCESS

Step 1


Complete the initial application so we can get to know your firm.

Step 2


We'll send an invitation to schedule an interview with your leadership.

Step 3


Once selected, we'll invite you to complete the registration process, so you can begin reviewing candidates.

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At Taxley, we prepare aspiring and seasoned tax professionals for lucrative and flexible tax careers as Enrolled Agents who can make an incredible impact in the lives of taxpayers nationwide.

Not familiar with Enrolled Agents (EAs), don’t worry, here’s a quick overview:

EAs are federally licensed tax practitioners who have earned the most prestigious designation the IRS, and US Treasury Dept., bestows on tax professionals.

Unlike CPAs and attorneys, EAs are required to demonstrate an in-depth and on-going knowledge of tax law, as well as adhere to IRS mandated professional standards in order to earn and keep this federal designation.

With an integrative study of personal finance, entrepreneurship, accounting, and tax law our students don’t simply learn theory and prepare to pass tests. Our students are preparing for successful, long-term careers with corporate, government, and small business employers who value the Enrolled Agent designation.

Designed to help diverse, talented and aspiring professionals gain access to amazing careers in tax law and consulting – despite their access to traditional degree-based education, we aim to ensure employers have access to the best and brightest!

$ 1 k
Save on Tuition Reimbursement
Employers can save at least $15k/employee when reimbursing tuition for our Enrolled Agent career training opposed to the cost of education for CPA credentialing. *
$ 1 B
Dollar Tax Industry

Tax services make up the single largest revenue generating segment within the accounting industry. Your growth in this industry will depend on your tax team.

1 %
of CPAs provide tax services
CPAs are credentialled in financial accounting and audit, and most of them don’t specialize in tax. According to the IRS, only approx. 30% of CPAs are registered as paid tax preparers.
1 %
of EAs provide tax services
Working with subject matter experts means less time on non-billable activities. The growth and sustainability of your tax team will require the talent and expertise of trained EAs.
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