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Every day millions of families and business owners find themselves overwhelmed with IRS and state tax problems. Even more are struggling with entrepreneurship and managing their personal finances, and they need help getting on track.

Too often they don’t know where to turn, so we want to pay you to point your clients, family members, colleagues and others to Taxley.

Our value-packed defense and protection plans are designed to teach taxpayers how to resolve their tax problems, run their businesses better and manage their personal finances smarter.

If you’ve been looking for a trusted resource for those you know who are overwhelmed with tax and business problems, you’ve just found it!

Making it Easy for You Spread the Word

Get paid to help us ease fear, empower possibilities and get your referrals the results they so eagerly want to achieve.


Earn up to15% when your referral registers for a protection plan, and add-ons during their initial registration. Earn recurring referral fees for up to 3 years!


Can't accept referral fees? Give your referrals up to 15% off their one-time onboarding fee and other add-ons they elect during the registration process.


We'll provide training, a custom URL, banner ads and other marketing tools to use on your website, in emails, in text messages and on social media platforms.


From your dashboard, you'll be able to keep an eye on referral activity and commission earnings. Know who clicked your link, whether or not they registered and how long before you should follow up.


Get access to a secure portal that give you access to all of your ambassador marketing tools, referral tracking and our support team in case you have questions or need guidance.


We're here for you! From program updates, to learning how to convert more leads into referrals, to continued guidance and training, we are here to help you succeed.

RUSS Bailey


Thank you for considering our Taxley Ambassador program!  We love working with professionals who prioritize the best interests of their clients, colleagues, friends and family. 

After more than a decade of saving clients from overwhelming IRS and state tax problems, Taxley has come to be known as “the most trusted name in tax resolution.” 

Through our protection plans, we are committed to providing your clients and referrals with the knowledge and confidence needed to get, and stay out of tax trouble.

We look forward to working with you to increase your bottom line, while providing your referrals the protection they deserve.

Your Clients and Referrals are in Good Hands

Giving the guidance they need, the peace of mind they deserve and the extra income that can make your life a little easier… we’re here for you and them!

Let's Make an incredible impact together!

Why becoming a Taxley Ambassador makes sense:


Give your clients, colleagues, family and friends a reason to continue singing your praises, as you continue to be a valuable resource with access to providing them tax resolution and business advisory help when they need it most.


Leverage the trust you've built to start a new passive income stream earning recurring referral fees for up to 3-years!


Prefer to focus on something other than IRS notices, tax audits or overwhelmed clients asking you to fix their tax debt problems. We will pay you to send them to us, so you can spend time doing what you enjoy most.

WE'RE #1

There's nothing more powerful than being aligned with a brand that leads with integrity and is know as the best of the best. You'll be able to leverage our relationship to increase your brand value.


Being a Taxley Ambassador doesn't require you to do any additional work. Once you're set up and trained, all you have to do is share your personalized URL link when doing what you are already doing - sending emails and texts, and sharing on social media.

Apply For Ambassadorship

At this time, our ambassador program is open to tax professionals and accountants.

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Your Full Name*
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How It Works


CLICK HERE to apply.


Before you can begin your ambassadorship you’ll be required to complete our live orientation and training session.

Share and Get Paid!

After onboarding is complete, you’ll be able to access your ambassador marketing tools and refer, refer, refer!


We pay commission as follows:

  • Taxley Protection Plans: 30% of the initial payment upon registration, which includes the onboarding fee plus the first month of membership.
  • Tax Investigation Services: 10% of fee.

*Commissions are calculated after applicable referral discounts are applied.

You are paid only for your referrals’ purchases made during their initial registration, including upsells. There are no recurring commissions. 

Referral fees are considered earned when:

  • For Protection Plans – a member has been active for at least 3 consecutive months (makes 3 consecutive payments) from the original registration date.
  • For Tax Account Investigation – 10-days after service registration (unless services are canceled ).

Referral fees are paid quarterly and are only paid to ambassadors whose ambassador status has not been canceled or terminated before the commission payment date.

Commissions will be reduced by the required processing fee (5.9% + 30 cents) upon issuing your commission payment. This fee is directly debited by the payment processor.

Ambassadors must have a completed W9 form on file at least 7-days before the payout date to be eligible for their commission payment.

We want to make it easy for you to be a successful ambassador and accurately represent the Taxley brand. Therefore, we require training to ensure you know exactly who we are, what we do and what we stand for. 

Because this industry is riddled with false advertising and misleading information, we want to ensure our ambassadors represent us well so you can get paid for your efforts.

Yes, a one-time set up fee of $399 is required.

You can terminate your ambassadorship at any time.

Otherwise, your ambassadorship can or will automatically be cancelled/terminated upon:

  • Breaching the terms of your affiliate agreement
  • Having had no referrals in over 12 months

Absolutely! Our ambassadors will have access to our weekly support Q&A calls and trainings. Our goals is to make sure you’re equipped to be a successful ambassador.

Generally speaking, yes. 

If you earn $600 or more in commissions in a calendar year, we are required to give you a 1099-NEC, which you must report on your income tax return. 

You’ll be able to talk to your tax preparer to plan your tax strategy.

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