“This isn’t business as usual, it’s your opportunity to make a rewarding difference in the lives of those who are where you once were – looking for peace of mind, understanding and a new beginning.”

Anisha Bailey, EA | Founder, Taxley and The Taxley Academy

In a Nutshell

Million taxpayers started 2020 with IRS tax problems. Our mission is to keep them and countless others, informed and protected year-round.​
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Job growth is expected for tax and business consultants. The Taxley Academy helps aspiring professionals start and thrive in these career fields.​
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Our affiliates can earn up to $1,749 per referral, enjoy amazing tax breaks and watch your service to others result in financial freedom for you.​

Our Affiliates

We truly appreciate referrals and we like sending “Thank You” payments to show our gratitude! We believe the people who are most qualified to spread the word about Taxley, are those who’ve experienced us for themselves; therefore, our affiliate program is open to current:

To us, being an affiliate means sharing the power of peace of mind, financial freedom, self-empowerment and new beginnings.

As a huge proponent of entrepreneurship, we also see our affiliate program as a chance for you to experience the tax and financial benefits of entrepreneurship – without the cost and time consumption associated with traditional business ownership.

There’s a high demand for our services and we are a unique company providing exceptional client experiences. We are known for leading with integrity, thinking outside the box and always putting our clients’ best interests first.

Our affiliates must share our values and have a desire to be associated with a firm committed to changing thousands of lives nationwide.

What You'll Be Sharing

As an affiliate you will have the freedom to share information about 1, 2 or all 3 of our offerings below.

Taxley Defense

We protect families and businesses, nationwide, who are overwhelmed with IRS and State tax problems. LEARN MORE »

Restoring Peace of Mind

Every day we work with families and businesses who are overwhelmed with years of unfiled returns, mounting tax debt, and tax liens and levies. We believe they deserve a fresh start, and we want to help them get it!

Taxley Membership

What used to be annual tax preparation services, is now an amazing, value-packed membership. LEARN MORE »

Providing More Value

Our Taxley Membership is designed to give forward-thinking individuals and entrepreneurs continuous and affordable access to our tax and financial expertise and protection from IRS and state tax problems.

The Taxley Academy

Providing vocation-centered training for flexible, lucrative and impactful careers in tax law and business. LEARN MORE »

Jump Starting Careers

The Taxley Academy™ provides career training for recent grads, aspiring professionals and career changers, of all ages, with a career interest in business, accounting, finance or law.

Our Affiliates Receive:

Personalized URL

As you share your personalized url, we will track your referrals, report commissions and make sure you to get paid!

Email Copy

With our pre-written emails, you’ll never have to wonder what to say to get your referrals on board with Taxley.

Marketing Tools

Get access to banner ads with your custom links to: post on social media, include in emails, post on your website and share via text messages.

Affiliate Dashboard

From your secure portal, you’ll have access to a personalized affiliate dashboard where you can manage referrals and commissions.

Training + On-going Support

Get access to our online training platform to get started and stay up to date. We’re also here for any support needs.

Unlimited Earnings

Affiliates can earn up to 10% for academy enrollment, membership registration and tax defense service packages.

How It Works


CLICK HERE to apply – must be logged into your portal.


Once accepted, you’ll be required to complete our onboarding process, which includes a 45-minute online training.

Share and Get Paid!

Once your training is complete, you’ll be able to access your affiliate links, marketing tools and more!



We open our affiliate program up to Taxley clients/members or students of The Taxley Academy. The first step you’ll want to take in order to apply to become an affiliate will be to either register for Taxley client services or become a Taxley member.

If you are interested in becoming a Taxley Academy student, you’ll want to learn more and register at www.Taxley.Academy.

We believe the best way to share our services is to experience them yourself.  Only then will you be able to accurately describe and share our why, how and what.

We offer a tiered commission system that rewards affiliates with higher commissions once you hit certain milestones. Our tiers are as follows:

Tier 1: Taxley Affiliates: Affiliates earn 5%, or up to $874, per referral.  Everyone starts this level.

Tier 2: Taxley Ambassadors: Ambassadors are top performing affiliates who meet specified milestones and elect to take on additional responsibilities. Ambassadors earn 10%, or up to $1,749, per referral.

All commissions are paid as follows:

  • Taxley – 30 days after service registration
  • The Taxley Academy – 10 days after refund period has ended

Commissions are only paid on the flat fees for service packages (i.e. Personal, Pro and Enterprise) and do not include payments made for add-on services, monthly fees or annual renewals.

Commissions are only paid to affiliates whose affiliate status has not been cancelled or terminated before the commission payment date.

As an affiliate, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to be successful. Therefore, we provide training to ensure you know our best practices and how to share our services accurately.

Because this industry is riddled with a lot of false advertising and misleading information, we want to ensure our affiliates represent us well.

We recommend the Pro level membership for the average affiliate, since it includes small business tax prep and business advice through “Tea with Taxley.”  However, you are welcome to join at the membership level that you believe is best for you.

No and NO.  There are no affiliate fees and this is not a multi-level marketing program. However, to be an affiliate you must already be a current Taxley resolution client, Taxley Member or Taxley Academy student or alumni.

There are no additional fees and you are not rewarded, other than your normal commissions for referrals who turn into active affiliates.

As an active Taxley member/client and/or Taxley Academy student/alumni, you are welcome to cancel your affiliate participation at anytime – directions on how to do so are in your portal.

Otherwise, your affiliate participation can or will automatically be cancelled/terminated upon:

  • Terminating services/membership/enrollment with Taxley or The Taxley Academy
  • Breaching the terms of your affiliate agreement
  • Having had no referrals in over 24 month
Generally speaking, the Pro and Enterprise plans can be deducted as a business expense, at least in part. You’ll want to discuss your tax write-offs with a licensed tax professional who is more familiar with your specific situation.

Generally speaking, yes. 

If you earned $600 or more in commissions in a calendar year, we are required to give you a 1099-MISC, which you must report on your income tax return. 

However, through your Taxley membership or Academy education, you will learn how to maximize your allowable deductions in order to maximize your tax savings.

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