Level 2: Level Up with EA Advocate Training

Designed exclusively for experienced Enrolled Agents seeking to expand their knowledge and skill sets within our structured apprenticeship model, our Advocate training focuses on training EAs to excel in assisting taxpayers with personal financial management, business coaching, and tax resolution, truly putting our trainees in a league of their own.

Level 2: Level Up with EA Advocate Training

Designed exclusively for experienced Enrolled Agents seeking to expand their knowledge and skill sets within our structured apprenticeship model, our Advocate training focuses on training EAs to excel in assisting taxpayers with personal financial management, business coaching, and tax resolution, truly putting our trainees in a league of their own.


openS OCT. 9, 2023


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career-focused education

designed for enrolled agents with a client-focused approach to service

Created with the belief that Enrolled Agents can have an incredible impact on the trajectory of financial literacy, successful entrepreneurship, and sustainable legacy building, this training provides EAs with one-of-a-kind training in personal finance, business coaching, and tax problem resolution. Training modules include:


Solidifying a deep understanding of personal financial management, trainees will learn how to develop and analyze personal financial statements, advise on common financial complexities and considerations, and help taxpayers reach their goals.

Business coaching
+ strategic planning

Trainees will learn our 6-elements of entrepreneurship and how to help implement lessons learned so their small business taxpayers can build sustainable businesses and reduce the 5 year 50% business failure statistic.

tax controversy
+ Resolution

Focused on helping taxpayers resolve IRS and state tax problems, trainees will discover the uniqueness of Enrolled Agents, while navigating the intricacies of tax law, IRS procedures, taxpayer rights, and how to protect taxpayers through the examination, collections, and appeals processes.

The perks

We aim to ensure you are ready for a long and enjoyable career in tax law and consulting, so we provide all Level 2 trainees with access to the following perks:

professional development

With a focus on teamwork, critical thinking, client communication, and case management, our on-demand tutorials will guide you through confidently navigating a successful tax career.

2-year naea membership

To get you engaged early, we have partnered with the National Association of Enrolled Agents to give you 2-years of FREE NAEA membership, guidance, and support.
*Available to new members only

Mentor Roundtable

Join our live, monthly Q&As with special guests, e.g. employer partners, industry leaders, and current trainees, who are happy to share their experiences and help you to confidently start an amazing tax career.

see what you'll learn



level 2: advocate Training

instructor-led | asynchronous | cohort-based

Enrollment opens oct. 9, 2023

term: APR. 29, 2024 - nov. 11, 2024









What's included:

need help paying for training?

Financial Assistance Opportunities


Get help exploring government and privately funded grant opportunities that will pay for your training.

Employer Pay

We help trainees communicate the benefits of our training to their employer to help trainees secure reimbursed training fees.


Ask us about our scholarships or get guidance when seeking to use a 3rd party scholarship for training.

Payment plans

With a downpayment to secure your seat, we offer payment plans for self-pay trainees.


If you can’t find answers to your questions, feel free to contact us.

Taxley is the first-ever Enrolled Agent workforce development academy.  We work to:

  1. Expose high school students and adults to careers in tax law and consulting, in order to uncover the little-known Enrolled Agent career path.
  2. Use the time-tested apprenticeship model to provide one-of-a-kind online education and access to paid on-the-job training focused on preparing our trainees for in-demand Enrolled Agent careers.
  3. Simplify recruiting and retention for corporate, government, and small business employers seeking to build teams of diverse, talented, and aspiring tax professionals.

Yes. You must:

  • Have completed the Explorer Workshop.
  • Be an active Enrolled Agent in good standing.
  • Have 3+ years of tax consulting experience as an Enrolled Agent – OR- Completed the Level 1 Training Apprenticeship.

As an Enrolled Agent academy we require Level 2 trainees have an active Enrolled Agent license. If you are CPA or attorney who is also an EA, you are welcome to register for Level 2 training.

Using the power of the internet, all training is held 100% online.

We are currently working with 2 and 4-year institutions regarding transfer credit agreements. As we solidify relationships with school partners, we will keep you updated.

In the meantime, let us know if you have a school that you’ll like to recognize our curriculum for credit towards your degree, and we will work with all parties to provide the necessary paperwork to assist.

This is actually a 3 part answer:

  1. The online classroom training takes 28-weeks.
  2. The estimated time commitment to ensure you can successfully complete the online classroom training is at least 15 hours per week.
  3. If you are an apprentice, you’ll have a 2 year full-time on-the-job-training requirement.

Many students will find that they can maintain a full-time job while completing the 42-week of classroom training.

Maybe.  If your employer can meet our on-the-job-training (OJT) requirements and agrees to the terms of our apprenticeship program, you can most certainly complete your OJT with your current employer.

Yes. Our apprenticeship academy requires the successful completion of the paid on-the-job training (OJT) aspect of the program.

Your success as an Enrolled Agent will depend on your ability to do the work in the real world. Therefore, blending our classroom education with paid on-the-job training is the best formula for long-term success.

Neither is better or worse, they are both great designations that can provide a lucrative career path and they complement each other very well. 

The better question is, “Which is better for YOU?”

The Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designation is a state-based certification primarily focused on financial accounting and it specifically allows you to audit financial statements. Contrary to popular belief, IRS records show that less than 30% of CPAs provide tax services. 

So, if you’d like a career focused on financial accounting and auditing, the CPA is the way to go!

The Enrolled Agent (EA) designation is the highest designation the federal government bestows on tax professionals.  The IRS recognizes EAs as the “elite” tax professionals. EAs are the only professionals who are required to demonstrate and maintain their competency in tax law, therefore, 100% of active EAs specialize in tax law.

Well trained EAs will be well versed in tax law, and have an understanding of personal financial management, entrepreneurship, and accounting principles.

Enrolled Agents have the same rights with the IRS as CPAs and Attorneys – without the EA being required to spend the time and money associated with traditional education.  EAs can even take their career further and practice in US Tax Court as a non-attorney representative after passing a special exam.

So, if you’d like a career in tax law and consulting, the EA designation is the way to go!

Good question! The short answer is no.

Internships usually last about 1-3 months, are typically a more informal job experience that may be paid or unpaid, and do not require a structured learning plan.

Apprenticeships are guided by the rules of the Dept. of Labor and are designed to ensure measurable professional growth within a specified timeframe.

Apprenticeships require 3 components:

  1. Education
  2. Sponsorship – administration of the program
  3. Employment

Through the academy, we provide education and sponsorship, as well as access to employer partners who will provide the employment.

Apprenticeships typically last 1-3 years, and all apprentices are paid at a minimum rate set by the Sponsor (which is us in this case), with scheduled pay raises based on training accomplishments.

While we wait for the Dept. of Labor (DOL) to approve our program as a registered apprenticeship, we continue to operate under the guidelines, so our trainees and employer partners can get back-dated apprenticeship acknowledgments upon DOL approval.

For the purposes of our program, you must be:

  • 18 or older
  • Have a PTIN (we will walk you through this process)
  • Pass the rigorous 3 part Special Enrollment Exam (aka Enrolled Agent exam)*
  • Apply for Enrollment to practice before the IRS
  • Pass a suitability check, which includes a background and tax compliance review. 

*The 3-part exam covers: Individual Taxation, Business Taxation, and Representation + Procedure. This exam is held at a third-party testing facility and is administered by the IRS.


After the completion of training requirements you’ll be invited to our Spring/Summer graduation event, held in Cincinnati, OH, and streamed online for those who can’t make it.

Because we are an apprenticeship academy, employment is a required aspect of the program. Upon the successful completion of your Explorer Workshop, you will have access to career training and job placement perks.

Once you are employed, you will be able to start our Level 2 apprenticeship program.

Your fee includes:

  • Access for one participant
  • Access to one Level 1 training session
  • 12-month access to Enrolled Agent Exam preparation study materials
  • Welcome Kit
  • All required training material
  • 24/7 Online Access during your training term
  • Professionally designed profile listing on our job board
  • Apprenticeship support (optional)

Please Note: You may be responsible for other 3rd-party fees, depending on your additional needs. You will be responsible for paying for the Enrolled Agent exam test fees, application, and other related fees. 

Generally speaking, your investment in this training can be a fully tax deductible expense (to you or your employer), assuming you meet certain qualifications, which further increases the value of this training over traditional college programs. 

However, this deductibility will largely depend on your specific circumstances, which you will want to discuss with your tax advisor.


Withdrawal requests submitted up to 10-days from your Level 2 training start date (late April/early May) will receive a full refund minus the initial, non-refundable fee. There are no refunds after this 10-day period.

Our refund policy is clearly communicated in our Terms of Training for participants prior to completing registration.

If you don’t plan on starting this training right away but want to sign up, we’d love to have you, but make sure you register for a training term that allows you to dedicate the time needed to complete it. Refunds have firm deadlines and the sequential, limited time, asynchronous nature of the workshop does not support the “go at your own pace” model.

Please DO NOT enroll in training if you just want to “check it out.” We put an extraordinary amount of time and effort into this, and we expect you to do the same. This training is for serious professionals only.

No refunds will be issued until after the start of the training term for which you have registered. No exceptions.

Hi, I'm Anisha Bailey, EA


In 2008, I left my corporate tax career with Deloitte because I wanted to spend my days truly helping others. With over 15-years of experience owning a tax resolution firm, I created this training program to help Enrolled Agents stand out as elite taxpayer advocates with access to the training I wish had been available when I started out.

serving TAXPAYERS since 2008

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