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Taxley provides the only tax resolution training and protection services for individuals and entrepreneurs who are ready to fix their IRS and state tax problems.

We are a unique tax resolution firm, who has spent over a decade successfully representing individuals and businesses overwhelmed with IRS and state tax problems.  Since 2008, we’ve helped families manage their finances better and assisted entrepreneurs with rebuilding their businesses smarter, after their tax problems were resolved.

Because of our integrity, commitment to service and out-of-the-box approach to service, Taxley has humbly earned the reputation of being “the most trusted name in tax resolution.”

Now, we provide the first-ever comprehensive tax protection plans for families and entrepreneurs who are tired of the burden of their tax problems and understand the value of peace of mind and financial control. 

Through our protection plans, members have access to our Fresh Start University, a tax resolution training platform focused on providing taxpayers with step-by-step instruction on how to resolve their IRS and state tax debt problems like a pro. Our members also get unlimited access to our dedicated tax protection team, as needed, for help navigating their tax resolutions.

Whether you owe $5,000 or over $500,000, we know that with the right guidance, tools and support, most people can fix their tax problems on their own, and save thousands!

We are on a mission to give you access to the guidance you need to resolve your tax problems with confidence, while supporting your efforts to manage your personal finances better and build sustainable, more profitable businesses. 

save money

Tax resolution help is an investment of at least $5,000 and can easily increase to well over $20,000. For a fraction of that cost, you can learn how to fix your tax problem, manage your finances and run your business right.

avoid scams

Many people have a fear of being scammed when hiring tax resolution help. Does this sound familiar? Learning to fix your tax problems means you’ll be in complete control and have the knowledge needed to get the best results – the first time!

Get a Fresh Start

Getting a fresh start is about more than fixing your tax problems, it’s also about learning new skill-sets that allow you to manage your personal finances better and put your business on the path to growth – you have the power to give yourself a fresh start.

Success Stories

Anisha Bailey, EA, MSEL

Founder, CEO

After leaving my corporate tax career with Deloitte, I created Taxley and I have spent more than a decade representing individuals and business owners who were overwhelmed with IRS and state tax problems.

Over the years I’ve saved clients millions in back taxes, helped them navigate IRS audits and I implemented strategies to secure resolutions that others didn’t think would be possible!

I’ve helped ease fears and rebuild faith in the fact that all tax problems are fixable.

Through our protection plans, we focus on providing you with the support necessary to help you get AND stay out of tax trouble.

We are on a mission to empower you to make meaningful changes in your life, so you can regain peace of mind and financial control.


Taxley Protection Plans

We’re here for you long-term, with no hourly fees, no retainers, no hidden fees – just a small membership fee for unlimited access to tax protection and advisory when you need it most. Our protection plans include:


Owe back taxes? Through our fast-growing library of on-demand trainings, you'll receive step-by-step guidance on how to fix your IRS and state tax debt problems. You'll also have access to guidance on personal financial management and entrepreneurship; and our live Q&A sessions for real-time tips and guidance from the experts.


Unsure about what's going on with your tax account? We’ll help you take the first major step in resolving your tax problem by doing your IRS and state tax investigation for you. When fixing tax problems, it's always best to make decisions based on facts and not fear or confusion. *This is required for access to the Fresh Start University.


Got an IRS or state tax notice? Let us know, we'll make sense of it for you and provide you with next steps. If we receive the IRS notice first, we will notify you and recommend the best way to address it.


Need your tax lien removed? Not sure how? We'll assist you through the steps necessary to properly get your tax liens released. We will also review your paperwork for accuracy so you can submit your request with confidence.


Victim of ID theft? Our team will work with you to complete and submit the paperwork needed to report ID theft to the IRS, so you can get a secure your PIN, file your returns and avoid future issues.


Get help calculating accurate payroll withholding and estimated tax payments to reduce your tax bill, avoid new tax debt, or increase your monthly income to avoid high tax refunds.


Get unlimited access to your dedicated tax protection team, member resources and the Fresh Start University, including updates and our live Q&A sessions.


Join us for tax, personal finance and business tips on our Tea with Taxley podcast. As a protection plan member, you'll get exclusive member-only access to additional guidance and resources focused on helping you implement tips shared.

How It Works

It’s easy to get started, we’ll walk you through every step.
Step 1

Register + Complete Onboarding Form

After registration, complete the onboarding form so we can finalize your registration and process your authorization forms.

Step 2

Sign + Return Authorization Forms

Once received, manually sign and return the tax authorization forms provided so we can compete your tax account investigation.

Step 3

Review Investigation + Enjoy Benefits

Within 2-weeks you will receive your tax account investigation results, so you can begin resolving your tax issues.

As the saying goes…
“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”
We aim to give you the knowledge you need, the peace of mind you deserve and the confidence it takes to reach your goals.

Our Tax Protection Team is Here to Serve You!

Most tax, business and personal financial problems can be avoided when the right people have your back – we’re the right people!

SAVE 30% thru Feb. 28th

Choose Your Protection Plan Level

Enjoy 30% off the one-time onboarding fee when registering by Feb 28th.  Enjoy all of the member benefits immediately, however, the Fresh Start University and Tea with Taxley be available starting March 23, 2022.

Personal Protection

per month
Plus one-time onboarding fee:
Reg. $1,999 Now: $1,399

For individuals and joint filers who are NOT entrepreneurs, landlords or independent contractors.

Pro Protection

per month
Plus one-time onboarding fee:
Reg. $2,999 Now: $2,099

For individual and joint filers who ARE independent contractors or single owner entrepreneurs with no employees.
register here

Enterprise Protection

per month
Plus one-time onboarding fee:
Reg. $4,999 Now: $3,499

For individual and joint filers who own a business entity, e.g. corporation, LLC or partnership, with up to 50 employees.
register here

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your peace of mind

Reasons our protection plans make sense:


Getting business, tax resolution and personal financial help is an investment in your financial security, peace of mind and future goals. Learning from experienced professionals will give you the tools and insider knowledge needed for pro-level results!


No scams, no threatening sales reps, no pressure. We're known as the "Most Trusted Name in Tax Resolution" because we provide the best solutions for getting AND staying out of tax trouble. We replace fear and confusion with guidance, empowerment and advocacy.


Hiring tax resolution help can cost you, on average, at least $5,000 each time you have a tax problem! Learning how to avoid and, when necessary, fix your tax problem not only saves you thousands now, but positions you to know how to save thousands later.


We believe in the power of being proactive. Members get access to our Tea with Taxley workshops, which are designed to help you take the steps needed to reach your goals, while preventing tax problems.


We're here for you! From unlimited access to our tax debt and audit assistance trainings, to providing tax notice guidance, to helping you make better business and personal financial choices, we are here to help you get things done!

Frequently Asked Questions

CLICK HERE for plan details.

All protection benefits are provided by Taxley and you must be logged into your account to receive access.

The Taxley Protection Plans are best suited individuals, families and small business owners who currently have or want to avoid IRS and state tax debt problems.

If both of you would like to access our protection plan, each of you will be required to have your own separate plan.  Each member can choose their plan.

If you have a Pro plan to cover you (and your spouse, if you all file jointly) and your business EIN.  Then your partner may only need the Personal plan.

Pro and Enterprise level protection plans include support for one business.  Additional businesses will require additional fees – contact us for a quote.


You may cancel your protection plan within 7-days of registration. You will receive a full refund less 30% of the one-time onboarding fee, if we have not received the signed tax authorization forms from you. 

There are refunds once we have received the signed tax authorization forms or you have had your membership for longer than 7 days.



You are welcome to cancel at any time. You will continue to have access to your protection plan benefits though the end of your billing period. If you cancel during the 7-day refund period, your plan access will terminate immediately.

Please note: When reinstating a canceled protection plan, the one-time onboarding fee will be required again.

Generally speaking, the Pro and Enterprise plans can be deducted as a business expense, at least in part.

However, this largely depends on your specific circumstances, which you will want to discuss with your tax preparer.

All training is held 100% online and you’ll have access to it from any device where you have an internet connection.

In addition to the Details Here, the Fresh Start Training includes:

  • Done-for-you federal and state tax account investigation with a written review of our findings, which we will explain and help you analyze in training.
  • Step-by-Step Tutorials on how to resolve your tax problems.
  • 1-Call Tax Resolution kit.
  • 8-Week Fresh Start training.
  • Personal Financial management tips.
  • Entrepreneurship tips and guidance – Pro and Enterprise only.

You will have unlimited access as long as you maintain an active protection plan.

Your access will only be at the level of your protection plan.  Therefore, if you start off at a Pro level protection plan and down grade to Personal, you will only have access to Personal Level resolution training and updates, as well as Personal level member services support.

Our program is fast-paced, thorough and designed for working professionals.

You will learn a ton our structured 8-week Fresh Start course, therefore we recommend preparing to dedicate at least 3-5 hours per week to that course. 

Otherwise, how long it will take is up to you and what specifically you are seeking help with. 

Yes. We provide an add-on training, for an additional one-time fee, dedicated to teaching you, exactly how to get an approved Offer in Compromise (OIC).

We sure can!

Through our Taxley Elite Providers network, we provide access to the nation’s top Enrolled Agents, CPAs and attorneys who can help you with tax preparation, planning, resolution and litigation services, as well as accounting, bookkeeping, estate planning and investment advising.

CLICK HERE to find a Taxley Elite Provider.

If you are having a tax problem and would like to learn how to fix it, you are more than welcome to register.

If you’d like to learn how to represent taxpayers CLICK HERE for access to the Taxley Academy.

Otherwise, if you have clients you’d like to access this platform, they will need to register for their own Protection Plan.

Each protection plan supports one social security number (or two if filing jointly) plus one EIN (if Pro or Enterprise) that’s owned by the registered individual(s).

If you’d like become a Taxley Ambassador CLICK HERE to apply.

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